Battle Colds and Allergies with DayClear – a Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dye Free, Alcohol Free and Acetaminophen Free Choice {and an Organic Gift Basket Giveaway}

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DayClear. I received samples of the DayClear products to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Day Clear Varieties

Ready or not – it’s that time of year!  Back to School time is here and the preparations to get the kids ready are in full swing.

School supplies – check

Uniforms – check

New shoes and sneakers – check

Lunch bag, lunch ideas and snacks – check

Allergy medicine – Oops – almost forgot about this one!

With school back in session, summer on its way out and fall setting in, this time of year is notorious for bringing back seasonal allergies and those nagging coughs, stuffy noses and post nasal drips.  Achoo!


My husband and kids have suffered with seasonal allergies for years and I have also occasionally been known to fall victim.  There is nothing worse than the desire to be outside running around and playing in the cool crisp air only to find yourself hunkered down inside with the windows closed and tissues on hand to catch the sneezes and watery eyes.

Rather than waiting for symptoms to set in, I am adding allergy medicine to my back to school list this year. The last thing I want is for my kids to feel like they are dragging at school – or even worse – missing school because of pesky allergies! It’s best to be prepared so when the allergies decide to creep in, I’ll be armed with the medicine I need to keep them comfortable and feeling better. And hopefully They will be back to playing outside and enjoying the crisp weather and great outdoors in no time at all!

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The biggest problem that I have found with some of the over-the-counter allergy, cough and cold medicines that we have tried is that they often contain sugars and red dye, which have been known to leave my kids hyper, causing difficulty resting when time to sleep. During the school year, they rely on a good night’s sleep to be at their best in the mornings and while at school the last thing they need is to feel like they can’t sit still and concentrate. So, what is a parent to do when your child requires medication to make them feel better but he or she is sensitive to some of the ingredients in other leading brands?

DayClear Allergy

Let me introduce you to DayClear, a cleaner, clear formula created by a Dad, Odes Mitchell, who was already active in the pharmaceutical industry when his son Mitchell was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  After his diagnosis, Mitchell found it difficult to find products suitable to his son’s needs. As Texas natives, the Mitchells were no strangers to the relentless allergy season. Mason struggled to find an allergy medicine that could alleviate his allergy symptoms, without causing more side effects and symptoms from his gluten intolerance. Mitchell went on to formulate a formula that would be beneficial to his son and others suffering from celiac disease.  Thus, DayClear was born.

DayClear is the first line of clear, liquid medicine that works fast to treat a multitude of symptoms and provide relief effective from the very first dose! Suitable for most kids and adults ages 12 and older, DayClear is made up of a formula that is free of gluten, sugar, dye, alcohol, and acetaminophen.  It is completely free and clear of unnecessary additives or ingredients that may have potentially harmful effects. This formula may not only be beneficial to those in need of allergy medicine who are battling Celiac Disease, but also those with diabetes, alcohol intolerance, acetaminophen intolerance and dye sensitivities. How awesome is that?  As a Mom, I love the idea that I can offer my children medication without all of the unnecessary ingredients that I have found in many of the other brands we have tried.

What I love most about the DayClear Allergy Relief formula is that not only is it effective, but it is also long lasting – up to 8 hours.  This is especially wonderful for long days at school! I can give my children their medicine before school and it should last through the school day! I have found it is also just as effective for my husband and myself!  Better yet, there are four varieties to help combat our specific needs: DayClear Allergy Relief, DayClear Sinus Pain & Pressure, DayClear Cough Cold & Flu, and NiteClear Cold and Flu Relief.

DayClear products are available in several major stores across the northeast, including ShopRite, Giant, Stop & Shop and more. Check out the Store Locator to find a location near you. The product is also available nationwide via Amazon.

When it comes to arming myself against annoying colds and allergies this year, DayClear is the clear choice for me and my family.  Have you tried DayClear? If so, what did you think?

Organic snack basket

And finally, to celebrate healthier living and better-for-you organic back-to-school snacks, DayClear is offering one very lucky Delco Deal Diva reader this awesome Organic Snack Basket pictured above.  Simply enter via the easy Rafflecopter form below.  Winner will be selected on September 10 , 2016.  Good Luck!

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  1. kelly tupick

    Yes, My daughter and i both suffer from seasonal allergies.

  2. my husband suffers from allergies

  3. Jessica To says:

    This was the first year that allergies really bothered me and it was no fun.

  4. We have tried it! I love that it has no additives and that it last up to 8 hours. It’s now our go to Allergy medicine.

  5. Yes my daughter and I suffer from allergies. It can be hard to find what we need.

  6. It sounds like a good choice.

  7. My kids suffer from allergies.

  8. Dana Matthews

    We do suffer from allergies…especially right now. We live in the Mississippi Delta…in the country and right now is corn harvesting time. So much dust and pollen in the air….makes it hard to breathe!

  9. I’m always concerned about all the additives and dyes in cold medicine. So glad to see this on the market addressing so many parents’ concerns!

  10. I have sensitivities to many makeups anywhere near my eyes. I didn’t when I was younger, and I keep hoping it will go away, so once a year I try something so far no luck!

  11. stephanie scales campbell says:

    My husband, son and i all suffer from allergies

  12. Julie Waldron says:

    We all suffer from seasonal allergies. Our 20 year old daughter has peanut/tree nut allergies as well.

  13. My husband and children!!

  14. Allison Stevens

    Oh man those kale chips look yummy!

  15. Seasonal allergies hit hard around this time of year. I’m always sick for a good chunk of the month of September, but medicines like this are a big help! Thanks so much for the info!

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