Hallmark Fabulous Finds for Fabulous Friends {and a Giveaway} #LoveHallmark

 Disclosure: I received a collection of Fabulous Friends items from Hallmark for review.  All opinions are my own.

If there is one gift in my life I truly treasure, it is the treasured friendship that I have been sharing with several of my friends since childhood.  Growing up in the tight knit neighborhood of Southwest Philadelphia, friends were always like family.  Everyone’s parents and families knew one another and neighbors were not just neighbors – they were family.  Living in tiny row homes nestled side by side, we spent many of our days creating memories with the neighbors and friends that surrounded us.  I had no idea as a child how important these friendships would be, but now that I am grown and living away from many of these friends, I have learned to cherish the wonderful gift of friendship that still keeps me close with many of them, even those who are now miles away.

Now that we have families of our own, demanding schedules and distance that separates us, we have found other ways to keep in touch.  Whether it’s a quick email or ring of the phone, a message or two through Facebook, or a bi-yearly meet up at a local establishment, the friendships are just as strong and important as they have always been; and there is nothing I look forward to more than catching up where we left off. I love having the ability to cheer on their accomplishments, celebrate their successes, watch their families grow, share their pain and sorrow, care for them when they need a hand and just recognize them for the wonderful, irreplaceable gift that they are in my life. Some of these friends have been a part of my life for nearly 40 years!


When it comes to gift giving for special persons in my life, Hallmark never disappoints. I often wander around in the Hallmark store, picking up little treasures that would be perfect for friends and family.  I love the personal nature of the gifts, the meaning behind them and the love that they so easily express no matter what statement I am trying to make.


Writing has always been my passion.  Honestly, one of my favorite ways to express my feelings to my dearest friends is through words.  Whether its a sweet, handwritten note tucked inside of a pretty card or a journal of memories I pull from an old shoebox, I love capturing and treasuring all that is important in my life with words and what a better way to share it then opening my heart to friends.  How perfect would it feel to send a message with these beautifully embellished  Signature Greetings Pineapple Cards? Ah – check out that tiny bling!  Love them!


The  “Never Quit. Unless You Hate It” Journal, complete with lined pages and satin ribbon bookmark,  is stamped with perfect mantra for yourself or a friend.  Whether nestled in your pocketbook or close to your bedside table, on a desk at work or next to your workspace at home, it would be the perfect place to jot down notes, scribble down pieces of inspiration or vent when the chips are down.  I know there are days that I could certainly use one of these journals in my kitchen.  What a great place it would be to track my food and exercise journey.  Dieting is hard – a constant reminder to not quit (especially if it came from a friend) would be a wonderful inspiration to count on each day!


The first time a saw this Pretty Witty Happy Pillow, I kid you not – not only did it make me smile, but it made me sing.  I love the fun, quirky design as much as the saying. The generous size, beautiful colorful embroidery and perky red pom-pom tassels make such a fun statement!  Every time I read this pillow I feel happy.  What a fun present for a partner in crime, especially one who love to decorate their space.  These would make for a unique housewarming gift too!


When it comes to girlfriends we have definitely bonded over our share of “whining” and “wine-ing”! Pretty Witty Keep Friends Close Framed Art is a fun and sassy way to express your style and spunk at home or the office. This painted frame showcases the quote “Keep your friends close and your wine closer.” There are so many pretty framed art pieces at Hallmark these days – you are bound to find one with the perfect saying for your recipient!


Last but not least, if there is one thing that most Moms do not have the time to do is to pamper themselves.  I love giving my Mom friends gifts that pamper and soothe.  As Moms we often forget to take care of ourselves.  This Crafters & Co. Liquid Soap is sure to give your skin a real treat! Made with essential oils, these soaps are available in eight soothing scents and feel as fresh and comforting as they smell. And it’s no joke how many times a day we Moms find ourselves washing our hands!  This would be a nice change from the basic everyday soap hanging out by the sink.  Rather, it will feel more like a sweet little hug and kiss on her hands – just from you!

Since Hallmark considers all of you friends, and so do I, Hallmark would love to gift one Delco Deal Diva friend with a prize pack including the collection I just shared.  Simply enter via the easy Rafflecopter form below.  Winner will be selected on September 22, 2016.  Good luck, friends!

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  1. Rachel Jenkins

    Friendship means always being honest and there for your friend.

  2. Rachel Jenkins

    I absolutely love the pillow! It’s unique and gorgeous.

  3. Kathy Peterson says:

    Trust, someone to laugh with, to cry with, to be yourself.

  4. Billie Rowell says:

    I love this prize pack and it fits so well with friendship. I would share mine with my Mom and sister. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. i love the “keep your friends close and your wine closer!1 :0 put a smile on my face!

  6. Darlene Owen says:

    Friendship means doing anything for that person, my best friend is my sister.

  7. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite is the pillow.

  8. Friendship means not lying for any reason to them.Always thinking about how you can help your friends. Giving them credit for their ideas, things they’ve done to help you, accomplishments, and cleverness.(not claiming them for yourself.) Marie.

  9. I like the Happy Pillow because it reminds me to be happy!

  10. Friendship to me is a relationship built on trust and honesty. I would share this with my friend of many years.

  11. Friendship means standing up for your friend even when they’re not there to see it.

  12. I like the orange amber hand soap, I bet it smells heavenly!

  13. Lisa Coomer Queen

    I’m 54 and I have had the same best friend since 5th grade. She is loyal, trustworthy and has been there through the good and bad. She is the first I call on if I need anything. We talk daily. We might not see each other a lot but we always know what is going on with each other. Other then the usual teenage drama we have never said a bad word to each other. This is true friendship and I would share with her.

  14. Lisa Coomer Queen

    My favorite is the orange scented hand soap. Orange is so invigorating!

  15. Friendship means having someone to lean on in good times and bad

  16. Friendship means to me two people who connect (can be on different levels) or like something about each other. I’d share this with a friend.

  17. Annmarie W. says:

    Friendship means having someone you can share the good and bad time with! Someone who makes you laugh, and someone you can also support during the tears. Friendship means never having to be alone, and having someone accept you as you are! I’d love to share this with my best friend!

  18. Annmarie W. says:

    I love the pillow…because it’s so cheerful & a constant reminder of friendship!

  19. Friendship means so much to me! Friends are there in good times and bad. My husband is me best friend and I would share with him. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  20. I love the pillow the most. That would look awesome in my living room. I love the saying. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  21. The Crafters & Co. Liquid Soap because I love having amazing soaps – makes me feel fancy multiple times a day when I wash my hands!

  22. Kristine Clay says:

    I love the pillow it is so creative and witty!

  23. Kimberly Bauer

    Friendship means to be there for each other, good or bad. I would share with my friend Harmony.

  24. Jennifer Essad

    Hi – I followed the hallmark twitter link but I don’t think that’s a viable page @4jlessad

  25. Jennifer Essad

    the pineapple cards, so I can send a handwritten note to my 2 best friends, my mom & daughter

  26. Jennifer Essad

    Friendship means being able to pick up a conversation where we left off even if it’s been weeks. My two best friends and I are able to do this, I feel we’re more like family then friends

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