Shopping for Tweens and Teens at Fall Kid Consignment Sales

Disclosure: I am partnering as an ambassador with Just Between Friends Western Mainline Oaks Sale to share their Fall 2017 sale with you. All opinions are my own.

My kids are getting older. Since they were babies, I have been shopping kid consignment sales and I have always found such beautiful, high quality clothing for them. Now that they they are getting older my friends often ask if I “bother” if I continue to shop at kids consignment sales.

Like it’s a bother??!!?? What?!

I found it surprising that so many of my friends felt that shopping at kid consignment sales was only for babies and toddlers!  With such a boom of adult and junior thrift stores and consignment stores being all the rage these days, you would think more parents would be in tune to the fact that many kid consignment sales, including my favorite local sale, the Greater Philadelphia area Just Between Friends Western Mainline Oaks Sale, which happens to be coming up next week, are expanding their sizes to include sizing up to 14/16 as well as juniors sizes!

The biggest difference I found when shopping for preteens and teens as opposed to shopping with younger children is that whenever possible, it is often a good idea to bring them with you. At this age, kids know what they like.  (And if yours are anything like mine – they are exceptionally opinionated when it comes to their clothes!) I have found that when I have brought my older kids along with me in the past, we have been less likely to make unwanted purchases and more likely to bring home items they truly enjoy. My kids and I often make a game of it, seeing who can find the best deal of the day. Although it is not always possible to bring them along to the pre-sale with me, my 10-year-old daughter actually looks forward to heading back with me – especially on the 1/2 price day at the end of the sale!

One of my biggest tips before heading out to a consignment sale is to make a list and do not leave home without it! Without a list, consignment sale shopping can get very overwhelming.  A list helps keep you focused and assures that you will not forget to check areas that may slip your mind once you start hunting around!

Here are some of our best picks for tweens and teens at fall kid consignment sales:


Photo credit: Just Between Friends

Tweens and Teens are constantly growing.  And I feel like my kids styles change every few months.  One thing is certain – my kids seem to always need clothes! No doubt kid consignment sales are a great way to outfit them or add to their wardrobe at a fraction of what you will pay at the mall.  When shopping for kids of this age, I found that it’s always best to stick with name brand clothes and styles that they already love, especially if you are shopping without them. Both of my kids love Under Armour, Nike and North Face.  They wear them often, so I am very familiar with their sizing and what styles and colors they like.  My daughter also happens to love Justice and Old Navy.  As long as I shop within the styles and brands that they prefer I usually have a ton of luck bringing home items they love – even if they cannot make it to the sale with me. Shoes can be a bit more tricky – but again sticking with preferred brands and styles is usually safe (and I always am sure to add their shoe sizes to my shopping list).

Sports, Dance and Gymnastics Equipment and Gear

Photo credit: Just Between Friends 

With two kids playing sports, the sports fees alone are quite an expense!  Add in sports gear and equipment – and BOOM – suddenly your price point has been taken to whole new level.  Thankfully, kid consignment sales are an awesome place to score everything from bats and balls to pads, guards, helmets, cleats, leotards, ballet slippers and other gear and accessories.  Since kids grow so quickly, many of these items are only used for a season or two before they are outgrown so it is a great way to purchase quality gear at 1/2 to 1/3 of retail cost!

Crafts, Games, Electronics and STEM Based Toys

At this age, kids make be gravitating away from toys but if they still enjoy crafts and games, be sure to take time to check out the designated areas.  There are also areas with electronic games, American Girl Dolls and accessories, Science Kits, LEGOS and building kids and other awesome STEM based toys that may still be age appropriate – and great for cold winter snow days when they are stuck indoors and looking for something to do!


Photo credit: Just Between Friends

Whether they need to be logging reading hours for school or they are a natural born bookworm, there are aisles and aisles of books with hundreds of series and genres.  If they have favorite authors or series, be sure to add them to your consignment shopping list!


Photo credit: Just Between Friends 

What tween or teen doesn’t love a great movie?  DVDs are perfect boredom busters and especially great to pull out for sleepover parties, family night on the couch, sick days and just lazy days at home.  My kids especially love hunting for older titles that were popular when I was a kid – ET, Goonies, Gremlins, Back to the Future, Karate Kid – Oh those were some great movies! Either way – there is usually a great mix of DVDs to choose from – often just a few dollars each!

Bedroom Accessories and Furniture

Photo credit: Just Between Friends

If your child is looking to spruce up their bedroom or add a little something or make a change, consignment sales are a great place to find new and gently used bedroom furniture and accessories. With everything from headboards and dressers to pictures and frames, organizers and cubes, vanities and lamps, redecorating their space does not have to break the bank – and they will have a lot of fun hunting for the perfect pieces to call their own.

Winter Gear

My kids would wear shorts right through the month of January if I let them.  Consignment season is always my reminder to start looking out for warm winter gear including snow boots, warm winter jackets, snow pants and waterproof gloves.  My kids may be getting older but they both absolutely live for a good snow day where they can spend the day sledding and playing in the snow with friends until they can no longer stand the cold.  They absolutely LOVE it. To avoid any disappointment once those snow days roll around, I try to find all of their winter gear at the consignment sales.  This way if we do happen to have a less than stellar winter, I do not feel that I overpaid for clothing and accessories that they only wear for one season before it is outgrown!

“Do I “bother” to shop at local kid consignment sales,” you ask?  My answer to that is a very emphatic, ” YES I DO!” – and there is one local sale coming up that I am most looking forward to attending- the Just Between Friends Western Mainline Sale in Oaks!

I have been shopping this sale for over 5 years now and I cannot begin to explain the magnitude of this amazing sale. You must experience it for yourself to truly understand.  Whether you have an infant or toddler, elementary aged child or preteen, you will literally find something for EVERYONE at this sale – and when I say everyone – I mean yourself included! (I kid you not – I have seen fellow shoppers squeal with delight finding gems such as Coach and Michael Kohrs handbags, brand new Nike sneakers and like new North Face jackets for themselves at this sale!  It really is that incredible!)

Photo credit: Just Between Friends

This year’s Just Between Friends Western Mainline sale will be held September 21-24, 2017 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center (100 Station Ave, Hall A) in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  The sale is next week so be sure to add the schedule to your calendar so that you can squeeze in some time to attend!  (You will thank me later!)

On Thursday September 21st, the opening day of the sale, admission is $3, but you can grab yourself a free pass.  In addition, there are special FREE pre-sale passes for first-time parents, grandparents and teachers as well as Prime Time passes that can be purchased for $10.  You can quickly register for any of the above HERE.

Be an even smarter shopper by connecting with the Just Between Friends sale on FacebookTwitter and Instagram where you will not only get the first sneak peeks at what is in store, but you will also be kept up to date about coupons, specials, giveaways and more!

If you are feeling ready to sell, there is still time to sign on as a consignor.  What a great motivator to turn that kid clutter into cash! What a perfect opportunity this could be to encourage your child to clean out their rooms, closets and old toys.  Perhaps as an incentive to you can offer to split some of the earnings with them for assisting with the consignment process or allow them to pick out new items based on how much they give you to sell. There is also opportunities to get into the presale by volunteering as well as making a bigger percentage if you are also consigning with the sale. Head over HERE to register.

This is one sale you are not going to want to miss!  Get your lists ready and be sure to check out my shopping tips for visiting kids consignment sales for tips for making the most of your shopping experience.

Have you started your consignment sale list yet?  What is on your consignment list this season?



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