Life in Focus After Laser Eye Surgery

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When I started my laser eye surgery journey, I had absolutely no idea it would be so emotional.  I am still absolutely in awe of that fact that everyday I get to wake up out of bed and clearly see my husband’s handsome face snuggled next to me. I get to glance across the room at the clock, where I can see every number, bright and vivid, each tiny strike forming each number.  I can see every little ray of sun dancing along my windowsill as I lay in bed for those last 5 minutes before I awaken the kids for school.  I am just in awe of the special gift of my new vision and I am so grateful everyday for the little joys it brings to my days.

I find it so wild that just three short months ago all of this was impossible.  I had to feel around on my bedside table for my glasses or fumble across the room if I accidentally left them in the bathroom with my contact lenses. If I accidentally awoke a few minutes late for work or school, putting in the contacts was just another few minutes out of my time, not to mention dealing with fighting dry tired eyes while inserting them. And remembering to pack glasses and contacts before going away was always a priority, because the one time you don’t (I’ve been there), you literally walk around seeing NOTHING BUT BLUR.  Trust me –  that is NOT how you want to spend a vacation or a fun overnight outing!  And last but not least, let’s not forget the fact that I never did embrace the way I looked in my glasses. Losing that fashion accessory certainly has by no means been painful for me nor have I looked back once since starting this journey.  Despite little set backs along the way, I have said it all along and will say it over and over again – this has been one of the best things I could have ever done for myself, and I am so very happy to be living with this new freedom!

For years I joked with my husband how one day we were both going to get our vision corrected and I was going to have to live with the fear that he may run away when he can actually see me and all of my imperfections in the morning.  Much to my chagrin, it is quite the opposite for me; I love him a little more as I lay there now in the morning watching him sleep, seeing the tiny creases next to his eyes and his scattered, crazy hair swept across his forehead.  It reminds me of the memories of these last 18 long years we have spent raising our family and how hard he has worked to make our life what it is.  And it reminds me just how much he loves me as he took care of me with his whole heart as I was recovering from my PRK surgery.  He knew how much this surgery meant to me, and he was truly happy that one of my long time dreams was coming true.  I hope he, too, can soon do the same!

Reading glasses are definitely much cuter than they were in the past! (And thank goodness I only need them for reading!)

One thing I will admit,  I am still adjusting to the fact that I now need reading glasses to work on the computer and to read fine print.  I often giggle to myself now that I can finally understand why women everywhere are walking around with glasses dangling from their necks or atop their heads (as I scramble through my pocketbook looking for mine when I need to sign papers at the doctors office or read a magazine while sitting in a waiting room).  But in the grand scheme of things, the reading glasses really are no big deal.  I’ll take these any day in exchange for clear, beautiful vision when I hop into my car and drive, when I look out my window on a cold snowy day or when I take a long hike on one of my favorite nature trails.  To be able to see tiny specks of beauty everywhere without glasses or contacts is truly a gift I am most grateful for everyday.

And then there are the little things such as walking into my son’s and daughter’s swim meets, where I used to have to immediately take off my glasses and wipe off the fog, now I no longer have to deal with that burden, or when we head outside for a snowball fight and my kids decide to tackle me in the snow, I no longer have to guard my face for dear life, fearful the snow will get into my contacts.  And I am dreaming, just dreaming of diving into the pool this summer and jumping in the waves at the beach with my kids knowing that I do not have to worry about my contacts popping out of my eyes or my glasses falling off of my head and floating away. Since my surgery, I have a greater appreciation for the beauty of so many things I had always taken for granted.  It is such a joy to really stop and appreciate what a gift our vision really is and I have found so much more joy because of this special appreciation.

Looking back on the past 3 months, it certainly did have some highs and lows. PRK definitely is and continues to be a process. Unlike with LASIK, vision is not perfected the next day. The process of the vision sharpening and becoming its best can takes, weeks, months and even up to a year! Thankfully, my surgeon was honest and upfront with me from the start and explained to me that patience and time are of the essence when it comes to recovery from PRK surgery.  I honestly believe that when you truly want something enough, nothing can stand in your way and even little setbacks really are just that – little.  Once you are over the hump, it’s full steam ahead.  I feel like this journey has been worth every little bump and block.  If anything, it has made me appreciate my new vision even more.

I get asked all the time, what has been the worst part of PRK surgery.  Honestly, the worst part was by far the recovery.  Not being able to drive and work on the computer for several weeks was definitely a set back.  I also had extreme light sensitivity in the first few weeks following surgery, which also proved to be challenging when trying to enjoy time outdoors.  Thankfully it was winter and my time outdoors was limited so I did not have to worry to much about long periods of time in the bright sun.  But during that time I was able to do the rest of my daily activities as usual and I did not feel limited in other ways.  Life was able to go on as usual and despite needing help with rides here and there, I did not rely on much help with any other aspects of my everyday life. Thankfully I was well prepared with help from family and friends during the weeks I was recovering and now that I look back on those weeks of recovery, it all seems minute in comparison to the 20/20 vision that is now a result of that process.

If you are considering laser eye surgery, I cannot stress how important it is to research your eye care physician and practice and be sure to find a surgeon that is board certified, skilled and with whom you feel comfortable and can trust.  Your eyesight is precious and it should only be trusted by a skilled, knowledgeable professional.  I cannot say enough about my eye surgeon, Dr. Cary Silverman and his whole eye care team at EyeCare 20/20 in East Hanover, NJ. I cannot imagine a better team to have had by my side during this journey. The skill, professionalism, support and knowledge provided by this team not only met but exceeded far beyond all expectations I had when it came to my eye care and surgery. Everyone made me feel so cared for and loved. The thing that really stood out to me most of all, however, was how much Dr. Silverman and his team really love what they do.  Whenever I was in the presence of Dr. Silverman and his team, I was always at ease, trusting I was in the best hands and being given the best care possible.  If you are ready to take the next step and achieve the clearer vision you have been dreaming about, Dr. Silverman is a highly reputable physician who specializes in laser eye surgery.  You can visit the EyeCare 20/20 website or call 973-664-7794 to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

In the mean time, if you have any questions about my journey or recovery or would like to know more about my personal experience with PRK, feel free to leave me a comment below or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I will be glad to answer your questions as best I can.  Also, feel free to follow my links below to read all about my personal PRK journey. I hope my story is able to help and inspire others on the same journey!


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