Mealtime Just Got Easier with Grab-and-Go Freshly Prepared Meal, Snack and Dessert Options From Swiss Farms

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Now that my kids are getting older and their extracurricular commitments continue to grow, I find myself spending more and more time in the car playing Mom Taxi while I also try to fit in all of my own appointments and errands.  Jam-packed schedules make for some interesting meal planning and even with the best, well intended plans, there are many days that all of my hard work and planning go right out the door.  Sound familiar?

Life is hectic, but meal times are still necessary.  Most of the week I am disciplined about planning meals that work for our family either using the slow cooker or making dinner in advance and plating to be reheated as each of us run in and out between practices.  Some nights we have no idea whether we will be eating at 4 pm or 9 pm, so I must be flexible with my planning and expectations.  We try so hard to keep fast foods to a minimum, especially greasy and fatty choices.  Besides, eating the same ‘ol same ‘ol gets boring and disappointing!

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Thanks to my friends over at Swiss Farms, I have recently been introduced to some extremely convenient yet freshly prepared meal options that have helped take some of the stress out of hectic day meals and they have been a true time saver and stress buster.  Swiss Farms offers a full menu of on-the-go, freshly-prepared food items that make great options any time of day! With 9 entrees and 3 entrée combos to choose from starting at $7.99 each, as well as six sides starting $4.99 each, mixing and matching affordable dinners that your family will enjoy is a piece of cake!

And speaking of cake, you can even add cake to your dessert menu, as there are eight sinfully delicious dessert options refrigerated and ready to be devoured.  Simply drive up, place your order, add on some of Swiss’s famous drinks and go. You will be home in no time with a complete meal you can feel good serving your family.

Dinner entrees include Chicken Tenders, Tea Cooler BBQ Meatloaf, Chicken, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Chicken Parmesan, Meatball Marinara, Stuffed Shells, Sausage & Peppers, Pierogies & Onions and Smoked Buffalo Wings as well as 3 entrée combos which include Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo or Salisbury Steak, Twice-baked Potato and Veggies.

Side options are Macaroni & Cheese, Yukon Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli w/ Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Santa Fe Corn Blend, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables and Veggie Blend.

Dessert options are New York Style Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, Apple Crumb Pie, Fuji Apples, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Monkey Bread and Fresh Cut Fruit. {Drool}

My family’s absolute favorite entrée is the stuffed shells.  They taste so fresh and homemade and the sauce is the perfect consistency and sweetness.  And as super picky as we are about our own homemade mashed potatoes, we could all devour the Yukon Mashed potatoes in one sitting.  They are simply scrumptious.  All of the meals and sides we have tried have been fresh and perfect for even our most hurried meals.

Once home, meals are in microwavable containers with easy to follow directions. Meals and sides heat in minutes and can be served right from the containers. This saves precious clean up time as well!

But what I have been even more impressed is that Swiss Farms also offers yummy breakfast and lunch options.  On the weekends or heading out to work, a quick stop through Swiss Farms and we can not only grab some hot or iced coffee or tea, but we can also order up a delicious heat and eat breakfast sandwich on croissant or biscuit, French toast, waffles or pancakes and bacon, or even an omelet and homefries! Other options include Bacon, Egg & Cheese Stromboli, or sides of breakfast sausage, homefries and fresh fruit. The turkey sausage egg and cheese on a biscuit and the bacon egg and cheese on a croissant are my kids’ favorite morning treats, which I can grab and pop in the fridge until they get home from morning practice and heat when they are ready.



And perfect for lunch or dinner, Swiss Farms chicken salad or fresh made salads are always freshly prepared and ready for pick up. Swiss Farms cranberry chicken salad is one of my go to options whenever I visit. Keeping a container on hand is great for a quick snack with crackers, to whip up a sandwich or wrap or to just nibble straight from the container (Yes, I am guilty!).  Swiss Farms now also offers a Chicken Salad, Cranberry Chicken Salad, BLT Chicken Salad, Egg or Tuna on Ciabatta, which is so filling and perfect for on the go. I am obsessed with the ciabatta rolls with their crusty exterior and soft pillowy interior.  Or if chicken salad is not your thing, they also offer Italian, Tukey or ham and cheese hoagies, hot dogs and hamburgers. The menu truly does have something for everyone!

Even when it comes to last minute parties or gatherings, Swiss Farms has left no stone unturned. With options like 10 different varieties of heat and serve A Casa Stromboli, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Loaded Cheesesteak Dip, Papa Joe’s Pepperoni Dip, Taco Dip and Fresh Cut Fruit, you will never have to show up empty handed – and you can drive right through on your way to your destination.  Chips, crackers, soft pretzels and other munchies that are perfect for dipping are also in stock to compliment the fresh pairings. Lastly if it is a BBQ you are hosting, you can even grab a propane tank refill, paper towels, napkins, plastic utensils and more! Delco is so lucky to have such awesome drive up convenience at Swiss Farms locations all around our local towns!

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How would you like to try some of these fresh food options at a great deal? Here’s your chance! For the month of March, Swiss Farms will be offering a Triple Play deal – buy any 3 fresh food items, get $3 off through 3/29/20! What a perfect opportunity to not only try these delicious options, but to also take some of the pressure off of you during your busy work week or weekend! Psst – in a rush? You can even order the items online before you go and everything will be bagged and ready for you when you arrive (or have them delivered directly to you by Grubhub or Uber Eats)!

Which menu items are you most excited to try?  Do you have a favorite go to item at Swiss Farms?


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