Foodler: Easy Online Delivery or Takeout {Review}

I am all about cooking healthy and homemade meals at home, but now that the weather is getting hotter, sports schedules are busier than ever and pool season is upon us, I know that our family will be enjoying more delivery and take out over these hot summer months ahead.  That’s why I was excited to learn about Foodler.  Foodler is a website for ordering delivery and takeout from restaurants around you.  By simply entering your zip code into the locator, you will find local establishments with everything from pizza and subs, Mexican, sushi, Chinese and other favorites.  Their fast growing network of restaurants is constantly expanding, which makes me hopeful that more restaurants in our area will soon be participating.  There is no charge for using Foodler, in fact, in many cases you can save money when you order specials on the menus that can only be found on Foodler.  You’ll also earn points with every order, which you can later redeem for free food and merchandise. The more you order, the more points you will accumulate.

Last weekend, my family and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to University of Penn’s campus for a picnic. The picnic was impromptu so there was no time to pack food.  We grabbed a blanket from the car and I decided it was a perfect opportunity to give Foodler a try. While my husband and the kids tossed around a football, I looked up Foodler on my phone and was quite impressed by the large number of restaurants in the area.  We narrowed our choices to restaurants that deliver.  Although my husband and I would have loved to try a little something more exotic, our kids won with their pleas for pizza.  We selected a pizza shop with good ratings from the site, browsed the menu and in literally two minutes we placed our order right on the website.  We input the address for the cross street where we were located.  There is a box for messages on the site so we were easily able to leave the a note to let them know exactly where we were at the park.  They also have a space for a phone number so I left my cell number as well.  The site gives you the option to pay online with a credit card or pay in person when the delivery person arrives.  I was given an estimate of 25 minutes for my order and received an order confirmation in my email within minutes of placing the order.  It really doesn’t get any easier than that!  Approximately 25 minutes after placing the order, I received a call from the delivery person to let me know he was a block away and wanted to reconfirm our location.  Minutes later, he arrived on a bike with our pizzas!  My kids thought that was the coolest delivery method ever.  My husband and I were impressed at how flawless the process was!  Best of all, the pizza was absolutely delicious! 

Why we will be using Foodler again:

  • Foodler was more reliable than placing an order by phone because there is no room for misinterpretation of the order over the phone; the order is processed electronically and will state exactly what was ordered
  • Once you place an order with Foodler, your address and payment preferences are saved making future transactions even faster
  • Its easy to find popular, well-liked restaurants via the rating system on the site.  This is especially nice when wanting to try a new restaurant or ordering from a restaurant you are not already familiar with.
  •  You can earn points to save on future purchases so why would I want to order any other way?

I am constantly amazed by how technology continues to affect our everyday lives.  Just when I thought takeout/delivery couldn’t get any easier, in comes Foodler.  In this hectic world of ours, it’s nice to know that I can literally schedule food delivery for anytime I would like even days in advance, order something for a family member or friend to their home or even surprise my college daughter with a meal to her apartment, simply by placing a quick order online.  My only complaint – I’d really like to see more restaurants participating in the Delaware County area. That would really have me doing the happy dance – and quite possibly a Foddler addiction! 

So, have you tried Foodler?  What did you think?       

Disclosure: I was provided with Foodler points to faciliate this review.  All opinions are my own



  1. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait until they expand more into the suburbs!! Great service

  2. So glad you liked it! This sounds like the coolest service, wish it was available near me.

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